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We bring your business idea to life! App development from scratch!
The C2Call makes the development of complex social media app much easier. However, the app development in general is still time consuming. As rule of thumb we recommend to calculate for every view about 2 work days. A view is an unique page or view of the User Interface and you will be surprised that many apps have 30 to 50 views. Therefore the best way to determine how much your app development will cost is to create a complete mock-up of the app.





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About us

C2Call GmbH leads the way in introducing next generation mobile and browser-based calling solutions for the computing cloud. FriendCaller for iOS and Android are built using C2Call SDK, and demonstrate the unique capabilities to establish a peer-to-peer connection with any mobile platform and with any Internet browser without prerequisite software installations. With the new C2Call SDK, developers would now be able to integrate features alike FriendCaller in their existing or new apps on mobile.